The Rules are as follows:

  • The visiting team is on top (x axis) and the home team is on the bottom (y axis).
  • Numbers 0-9 are randomly assigned to each row on the x axis and y axis. Each square has a random number between zero and nine, using each number only once.
  • Number the playing squares one through 100.
  • This number does not have any effect on the game except that it allows the players to choose a number on the grid referencing a specific square.
  • The final score of each quarter or period will determine the winner of that quarter or period.
  • If the score is in double digits, the single-digit (one’s column) of that score is the number used to determine the winning column and row.
  • The winner is determined at the end of each quarter or period of a sports game.
  • The person whose numbers match both the x axis and y axis wins.