What is better than watching sports?

Betting on your favorite sports team to win at the same time!

Sports betting was illegal in the U.S. until now.


League Squares is an internet-based sports game that requires no knowledge of sports, rules, or players to play. It provides legal sports betting on a per game basis allowing multiple winners per game.

League Squares owns the copyright to the rules, allowing for licensing agreements with casinos where the game is 100% profitable every time and, in the product sales market, a mobile app where sellers make 100% of their product listing price. It’s the future of competitive sports betting. And you can bet on more than one game at a time.

There are 4 different size boards ranging from 100 squares to 10 squares.

Each quarter of a sports game has a winner based on the single-digit scores of both teams.

Coming Soon….

We will be offering a monthly membership for the app with the first 30 days free. There are typically 2-4 winners per game, depending on the number of quarters/periods in the game. It’s a chance to win with only having to pay a fraction of the cost!

League Squares has multiple profit avenues from gaming licenses, advertising, selling products through an app, and membership fees.

We are currently in contact with casinos in Atlantic City to license the game.